Our Atlantic Mackerel comes from the north coast of Spain, where they’re harvested by hook and line to avoid harming less abundant species. A small, mild fish with the meaty, firm texture of a big fish, mackerel lends itself to a range of traditional European seasonings.


Inspired by traditional coastal European recipes, we bring out the natural sweetness and a hint of ocean brine in our mussels with a blend of organic Spanish olive oil, mussel broth, vegetables, herbs and spices. 

Pacific Northwest Wild Sockeye Salmon

Guided by stringent criteria developed with the Wild Fish Conservancy, we sourced this limited-supply Pacific Northwest Wild Sockeye Salmon from an epic run through the waters off Lummi Island, Washington. These exceptional fish were caught using reef nets, a selective-harvest technique that results in little to no bycatch. This careful method ensures a healthy population of salmon for the future, while giving us fish of exceptional quality now.

Wild Sockeye Salmon

Our Wild Sockeye Salmon sourced from place-based, family and community operated, set-net fisheries in Alaska. Learn more about this salmon and the people who catch it at Wild Sockeye Salmon Sourcing.

Wild Pink Salmon

Our Wild Pink Salmon are caught in reef nets off Lummi Island, Washington. Learn more about this salmon and the people who fish for it at Reef Netting.

Salmon Boxes