Kernza's® dense root system grows up to 10 feet down into the Earth, allowing it to react to changes in temperature and soil quickly. Unlike annual wheat, that doesn't live long enough to develop thick roots, Kernza® is a perennial grain whose long roots allow it to hold soil in place and prevent erosion.

Why Beer?

Well, for starters, we’ve been known to enjoy a good brew from time to time. But beyond that, our sourcing experience has taught us a thing or two about farming. And beer, made from grain and hops, is an agricultural product, after all.

We believe the future of farming—and our planet—lies in something called organic regenerative agriculture. Organic regenerative agriculture restores soil biodiversity, sequesters carbon, and efficiently grows crops without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Researchers at the Rodale Institute have found that a switch to organic regenerative techniques could actually store enough carbon in the soil to reverse global climate change.

Our friends at the Land Institute, in Salina, Kansas, have made a major breakthrough in that direction with a perennial grain called Kernza®. Kernza is ideally suited for organic regenerative agriculture. Its long roots and perennial growth allow it to thrive without tilling or pesticides; it uses less water than conventional wheat, prevents erosion and removes more carbon from the atmosphere than annual grains. And it just so happens to make delicious beer.

Saving the planet, one beer at a time.

We teamed up with Hopworks Urban Brewery in Portland, Oregon, to create Long Root® Pale Ale and Long Root® Wit—both brewed with Kernza grain. Our Long Root Pale Ale, with its grapefruit-hop flavor and dry, crisp finish, is made with organic Chinook, Mosaic and Crystal hops. Our Long Root Wit is brewed with coriander and orange peel for a bright citrus finish. Cheers!

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More About Kernza Grain

The distinct flavor profile (and name) of our beers comes from a newly developed grain called Kernza. A cousin of annual wheat, Kernza is a perennial that has been domesticated from intermediate wheat grass, similar to how grasses have been domesticated into grains for over 10,000 years.

Ecologically, perennial grains are superior to annual grains because they retain more nutrients and carbon, and can better utilize rainfall. Kernza thrives without tilling, which helps prevent erosion. Once the grain is harvested the roots remain in the soil and add carbon, since organic matter is about 50 percent carbon.

We’re on a mission to repair our food system through organic regenerative farming practices and encouraging others to do the same. Cheers!