Hikers sitting side by side, one holding an orange can of Patagonia Provisions Long Root IPA

Why Beer?

Amy Kumler
Well, for starters, we’ve been known to enjoy a good brew from time to time.

But beyond that, our sourcing experience has taught us a thing or two about farming. And beer, made from grain and hops, is an agricultural product, after all.

However, most of the world's agriculture is currently dominated by industrial practices, and industrial ag generates about a quarter of the world’s planet-warming greenhouse gases. We believe the future of farming lies in a different kind of agriculture — one that’s restorative, with practices that draw down carbon dioxide gas, boost soil biodiversity, and efficiently produce crops without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Our friends at The Land Institute in Kansas, led by Wes Jackson, have made a major breakthrough in that direction with the development of a perennial grain called Kernza®, which gives our beers their distinct, subtle spiciness. A cousin of annual wheat, Kernza is domesticated from intermediate wheat grass, similar to how grasses have been domesticated into grains for over 10,000 years.

Kernza’s massive root system and perennial growth allow it to thrive without tilling or pesticides. It uses less water than conventional wheat, restores topsoil and draws down more carbon from the atmosphere than do annual grains. Once the grain is harvested, the roots remain in the soil, holding carbon underground as they break down.

But when you’re thirsty, the best news is that it makes a killer beer.

In 2016, we teamed up with Hopworks Urban Brewery in Portland, Oregon, to introduce the first commercial use of Kernza in our Long Root® Pale Ale. Since then, we’ve worked with farmers to increase plantings of Kernza across the country and internationally, and have introduced two more beers: Long Root® Wit in 2019 and our newest, Long Root® IPA, in 2021.

Our Beers

Drink Up to Draw Down

Long Root® IPA

Our newest beer is brewed in the traditional West coast style, using Cascade and Chinook hops, Crystal 40 malt and Kernza grain. The result: A clean, crisp bitterness with malty backbone and notes of fresh tangerine and pine. ABV: 6.2%

Long Root® Pale Ale

This Northwest-style pale ale is brewed with organic two-row barley, organic yeast, organic Chinook, Mosaic and Crystal hops, and Kernza grain for a refreshing, grapefruit character, balanced maltiness and a crisp finish. ABV: 5.5%

Long Root® Wit

Our Northwest spin on the classic Belgian-style witbier is brewed with organic coriander and orange peel for a bright citrus finish. ABV: 4.9%

Where to Buy Our Beer

A hand reaches into an open cooler of Patagonia Provisions beer on a rocky beach
Amy Kumler

Patagonia Provisions Long Root® Pale Ale, Long Root® Wit and Long Root® IPA are small-batch brews, so they can be tough to find. But it’s well worth the effort.