A group of people gather at night in an urban lot to watch a screening of Patagonia Provisions' Unbroken Ground projected against a large building wall


Amy Kumler. A screening of Unbroken Ground on the rooftop of the San Francisco Art Institute.
Provisions on the Road

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to cancel or postpone our spring and early summer events, including book signings and in-store gatherings. In the meantime, you can always view our films online:

Unbroken Ground

Directed by Chris Malloy, this film delves into food as a solution to the environmental crisis.

A film still from Patagonia Provisions' Unbroken Ground shows the silhouette of a farmer walking through golden sunlight
Unbroken Ground


Our 2019 documentary about the impact of fish farms and hatcheries on wild salmon populations is available to stream for free on YouTube.


A case for the removal of unnecessary dams that blight our rivers, DamNation can be viewed on multiple channels including YouTube and Netflix.

Thank you for your business, loyalty and patience. We’ll be updating this page regularly with rescheduled and new events.