Regenerative Organic

New Arrivals

Buffalo Jerky

Made from free-roaming, grass-fed American bison, our jerky is packed with protein, shelf-stable, and comes in its own waterproof, re-sealable pouch for max convenience.


When it’s time to bring friends and family together, raise the festivities and delight guests with our Wild Pink Salmon, Wild Sockeye Salmon, and Mussels. Our wild salmon are responsibly harvested according to our own stringent Wild Salmon Sourcing Criteria, then lightly brined and smoked to perfection. Our Mussels improve water quality where they’re grown, meet EU organic aquaculture standards, and burst with the fresh flavors of coastal European seasoning.


Delicious soups and chilis that are good in every way. Our wholesome vegan soups are made only with certified organic, non-GMO ingredients using flavorful recipes created by our favorite chefs.




Home + Travel

On our many adventures with food, we’ve come to rely on some special products - like vacuum-insulated containers, home accessories and inspiring books - that we’re excited to share with our customers.


We pack our Gift Boxes with specially selected foods and dry goods. These boxes make ideal gifts, with artful designs and, if you'd like, a personalized card enclosed. They're also the perfect way to stock your pantry or sample a range of new foods.