Organic Breakfast

Easy to make breakfast

The easy, delicious solution to morning chaos. Our Breakfast Grains cook up fast, and are made with 100% certified-organic whole grains, buckwheat, and fruit.


Organic Fruit + Almond Bars

Fruit + Almond Bars are made only from organic fruit, nuts, seeds and juice. This careful sourcing helps us create a bar that’s not only delicious, but ideal fuel for any activity.


Inspired by traditional coastal European recipes, we bring out the natural sweetness and a hint of ocean brine in our mussels with a blend of organic Spanish olive oil, mussel broth, vegetables, herbs and spices. 

Wild Salmon

Wild Pink

Our Wild Pink Salmon are caught in reef nets off Lummi Island, Washington. Learn more about this salmon and watch a video about the people who fish for it over at Wild Pink Salmon Sourcing.

Wild Sockeye

Based on our own stringent Provisions Salmon Sourcing Criteria, our Wild Sockeye Salmon comes from a community-based, in-river fishery on the Situk River, Alaska. We care deeply about the conservation and sourcing of our Salmon. Watch our video about those who catch it and read more about Patagonia Provision's Sockeye Salmon.

Organic Savory Grains

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Convenience

Our Savory Grains cook up fast and easy—just add boiling water, cover and wait —giving you all the robust flavor and nutrition of ancient grains in minutes.

Organic Savory Seeds

Crunch with Purpose

Crispy, crunchy, roasted organic whole seeds that explode with flavor. And the combo of lentils, buckwheat, hemp and other seeds provide a convenient source of plant-based protein, fiber and other essential nutrients.

Organic Soup + Chili

Delicious soups that are good in every way. Our wholesome, meat- and dairy-free soups are made only with certified organic, non-GMO ingredients, using flavorful recipes created by our favorite chefs.

Dry Goods

On our many adventures with food, we’ve come to rely on some special products. Products like vacuum-insulated containers, home accessories and some inspiring food books we want to share with our customers.

Gift Boxes

These boxes are great choices when you’re looking to stock the pantry, sample a range of new foods, or give a thoughtful gift.

Stock Up Boxes

Whether you're looking to stock up for meals at home or snacks on the go, we've put together a few of our favorites in bulk packages. Save up to 15% when you purchase cases of our foods vs. individual packages.