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Our Wild Pink Salmon is harvested from abundant, sustainable runs off Lummi Island, Washington, using reef-nets, an ancient selective-harvest technique. Our sourcing on Lummi is a collaboration between Provisions, Lummi Island Wild, and the Wild Fish Conservancy.

Reef-netting allows us to handle each fish with exceptional care for a delicious, mild flavor and firm, flaky texture. A light smoking process and cracked black pepper with a squeeze of lemon highlight the fresh pink salmon to create a true delicacy.


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a film by Darcy Turenne

In recent years, wild pink salmon have filled the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Salish Sea in growing numbers. The use of reef-nets allows us to selectively harvest from these abundant runs without harming depressed stocks of Chinook and coho salmon. It is, perhaps, the ideal model for commercial fishing in general, and salmon harvest in particular.

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