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Smoked Mussels

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Smoked Mussels

Regular price $8.00
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These plump canned mussels offer a savory taste of coastal Spain and Portugal. Smoked over bay wood and packed with extra-virgin olive oil and mussel broth, they’re great as a snack out on the trail or pulled out of your kitchen pantry for a fast pasta or salad at home.

Like all of our mussels, they’re a delicious source of protein, iron and vitamin B-12.* What’s more, mussels improve both water quality and aquatic ecosystems as they grow, and provide a model of restorative ocean farming

*See Nutrition + Ingredients section below for cholesterol and sodium content

  • 4.2 oz (120g) can
  • Servings per can: 2
  • Fully cooked & shelf stable until opened
  • Product of Spain

A Mussel Story

Mussel Sourcing

Grown on underwater ropes off the coasts of northern Spain and southern Portugal, our mussels improve the health of the waters around them, and their thickly clustered shells provide habitat for many other marine species.

Know How Your Food is Sourced

Make an impact and help our Earth with responsibly-sourced ingredients versus conventional packaged seafood.

Indiscriminate harvest threatens global fish stocks.

Choosing responsibly harvested smaller fish and shellfish helps protect ocean ecosystems

We stand by the foods we produce.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with any of our foods, we’re more than happy to make it right with a refund. Learn about our Good Food Guarantee.

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