Bulgur wheat, quinoa, and what’s now known as KAMUT® khorasan wheat have nourished humanity for thousands of years.

These ancient grains are high in fiber, low in fat and provide a delicious source of meat-free protein. When grown with organic practices, ancient grains are also easy on the planet. Provisions Savory Grains are made from certified-organic ingredients, including bulgur wheat, quinoa, KAMUT® khorasan wheat, mushrooms, vegetables, herbs and spices. The light, fluffy texture and nutty, whole-grain taste easily stands on its own or makes a satisfying side dish with meat, fish or fresh veggies. Added bonus: Our Savory Grains cook up fast and easy—just add boiling water, cover and wait—giving you all the robust flavor and nutritional benefits of ancient grains in minutes.

Mushroom Power

Behold, the mighty mushroom, good for both people and planet. For us humans, mushrooms are one of the few sources of dietary Vitamin D, which they produce  when exposed to ultraviolet light. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that promotes calcium absorption, bone health and other vital functions. For the planet, mushrooms play a vital role in almost every land-based ecosystem. They recycle nutrients, break down toxins, and help create healthy soil, which in turn helps other plants thrive. 

Ancient Grains

KAMUT® khorasan wheat, bulgur, and quinoa have sustained us for thousands of years. These grains are packed with flavor, nutrition and history.Read more about Ancient Grains.

Organic Matters

You are what you eat. It’s a simple lesson most of us learned as children. And yet look where we are today. Massive industrial farms grow thousands of acres of genetically modified soy beans and corn with seeds created and owned by chemical corporations. Read more about Organic Matters

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