Amy Kumler

Our Savory Seeds are exactly that: crispy, crunchy, roasted, organic whole seeds that explode with flavor. Instead of the sugars and/or preservatives of a processed snack, these lentils, buckwheat, hemp and other seeds are nothing more than plant-based protein, fiber and other essential nutrients.

Green Lentils

Amy Kumler

The organic green lentils we use for our Green Lentil Soup and our Savory Seeds snacks come from Timeless Natural Foods, in Ulm, Montana.

Timeless started in 1987 with four farmers who were determined to revolutionize Northern Great Plains farming with a solution for fallow fields. Using cover crops would reduce erosion, build soil health, provide natural nitrogen fertilizer, and create a new source of income. 

Over thirty years later, they’ve achieved that and more. Timeless is known worldwide for its organic heirloom legumes, and the continued mission to care for the soil, rural communities and the planet. We’re proud to be working with them.

Pacific Northwest Buckwheat

Amy Kumler

The buckwheat we’re growing in partnership with the Washington State University Bread Lab and family farmers in the Pacific Northwest is a perfect example of how crops can benefit people and planet alike.

The seed of a green, leafy plant related to rhubarb, buckwheat has been cultivated for thousands of years. Today, it’s an ideal crop for organic agriculture. Buckwheat naturally suppresses weeds, helps control erosion, and can improve soil health when grown organically (like our buckwheat is). Grown between crop cycles, it doesn’t require much fertilizer, thrives without the use of herbicides or insecticides, and attracts beneficial insects and pollinators with its nectar-laden flowers.

For us humans, buckwheat is nothing short of a superfood. It’s packed with fiber, protein and essential minerals and vitamins, such as magnesium.

Hemp Seeds

Amy Kumler

Our hemp seeds are grown for us by Kentucky-based Victory Hemp, and also by our friends at Colorado Cultivars, in northern Colorado.

Yes, they’re legal. No, you won’t get high. Whether you consider it good news or bad, hemp is a relative of marijuana that’s been cultivated as a valuable textile fiber and food source for centuries. Today, hemp is a fast-growing soil superstar that requires no pesticides and uses low amounts of inputs. It also produces tasty seeds that are packed with fiber, protein, potassium and healthy fats.

The seeds are roasted whole, without removing the hull, for more fiber and crunch.

Sunflower Seeds

Amy Kumler

For another layer of flavor and texture, we add tasty organic sunflower seeds to our Barbecue and Simply Salted seed mixes. They’re grown for us in South Dakota.