A group of farmers gather in a large field, looking at the roots of a lentil plant that one is holding

Our Partners

Sourcing Partners

Workers for Lummi Island Wild, one of Patagonia Provisions' Wild Salmon partners, fish using reef nets
Lummi Island Wild

Our partners Lummi Island Wild, off Washington state, use reef nets, an ancient method developed by the native peoples of the Salish Sea. The nets allow them to harvest thriving wild pink salmon—and, in years of peak abundance, wild sockeye—without harming depressed stocks of Chinook and coho.

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A beekeeper for Pu'u O Hoku Ranch, a Patagonia Provisions partner, walks in full gear past a stacked set of hive boxes
Pu’u O Hoku Ranch

On Pu’u O Hoku Ranch, on the Hawaiian island of Molokai, honey bees forage 300 acres of certified biodynamic and organic pasture surrounded by 14,000 additional acres of conservation land. The honey they produce for us is exceptionally pure—not even a trace of pesticides.

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A white fishing boat with blue trim cuts through the water off the coast of Cantabria, Northern Spain
The Fishing Brotherhoods of Santoña

Along the coast of Cantabria, Northern Spain, our Atlantic mackerel are fished by small family-owned boats that pull in the catch by hook and line, the way it’s been done for centuries. Fishermen belong to cofradías, or brotherhoods, that date back to medieval times. 

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A wooden sign for The Land Institute, Patagonia Provisions' partner for Kernza grain, seen outdoors against a blue sky
The Land Institute

Founded by Wes Jackson in 1976, The Land Institute develops perennial food crops in polycultures—the way most plants grow in nature—instead of annual crops in monocultures, the current industrial model that degrades soil. We’ve partnered with them to bring a new perennial grain, Kernza™, to market for the first time.

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A smiling couple in orange fishing gear stands on a boat piled with mussels and fishing equipment
The Mussel Farmers of Ría de Arousa

In the Ria de Arousa inlet on northern coast of Spain, local families have tended mussels for generations, growing them on ropes that hang from floating rafts. Mussels naturally improve the health of the surrounding waters, and through Pérez Lafuente seafood company, we’re proud to support these families and their EU organic mussels.

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