Kernza's® dense root system grows up to 10 feet down into the Earth, allowing it to react to changes in temperature and soil quickly. Unlike annual wheat, that doesn't live long enough to develop thick roots, Kernza® is a perennial grain whose long roots allow it to hold soil in place and prevent erosion.

Glass of Long Root Ale on table

Our Long Root® Pale Ale is a great beer—with great purpose. Beyond the crafted grapefruit hop flavor, beyond the balanced maltiness, lies a story as refreshing as its dry, crisp finish.

This great tasting Northwest-style Pale Ale was the first beer in distribution to be made with Kernza®—a perennial grain grown using regenerative agriculture practices. Our Long Root Pale Ale is brewed with organic two-row barley, organic yeast, organic Chinook, Mosaic and Crystal hops, and Kernza grain. Kernza’s long root system and perennial growth allow it to thrive without tilling, preserving precious top soil. It also uses less water than conventional annual wheat, removes more carbon from the atmosphere and makes one damn good beer.

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Alcoholic beverages are intended for people 21 years of age or older. Please enjoy responsibly.