How do you tackle one of the most complex food-sourcing challenges in the world? For us, finding sustainable commercial salmon fisheries means years of diligent research and, thankfully, the guidance and wisdom of experts. Together, we’re working to identify places where our business can not only leave a minimal footprint, but actually make a positive impact on wild salmon populations.

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In general terms, we look for healthy runs of wild salmon harvested by selective-fishing techniques, which allow less abundant species to continue their migration unharmed. These techniques are often old-fashioned and more labor-intensive than modern industrial fishing, but they also produce higher quality fish. Through our support of fishermen willing to fish more responsibly, we can help rebuild endangered salmon populations and boost local economies as well. 

But it isn’t easy. Salmon populations in a given watershed fluctuate for reasons we can’t control: weather patterns, high seas harvest, human development and resource extraction, to name just a few. Genetic studies and better population assessment reveal changing needs; fishing techniques and locations evolve.

To ensure that our salmon harvest remains sustainable in an industry of near-constant change, we’re leaning on a team of the most respected fish biologists, conservation advocates and NGOs in the field. It’s an honor to work with them.  

For specific, current sourcing information for each product, please see individual product pages.