Why Mussels?

Simply stated, our mussels are one of the best food sources in the world. They’re delicious, easy to cultivate, low on the food chain, highly nutritious, and actually improve water quality and aquatic ecosystems where they grow. What’s not to love? We’re excited to share our mussels with friends, family and customers.



Mussels Sourcing

The Pérez Lafuente family has been in the seafood business in Villanova de Arousa since the 1880s. Today, they grow, harvest, prepare and pack our mussels with a fierce commitment to sustainably sourced seafood and organic ingredients. When we talk about like-minded food producers, the Pérez Lafuente family is the kind of partner we mean. We’re proud to be working with them. Of course, we chose to source our mussels from Western Spain because of the commitment—to quality and planet-friendly practices—of the Pérez Lafuente family. But there are other reasons as well: First, the Galician coast is one of the first places to implement an organic certification for mussel aquaculture; and second, mussels are native to the region, which means cultivation there doesn’t introduce invasive species as it does in other places.


The Meaning of Mussels

This is a continuing series of stories and essays by writers, biologists, chefs, fishermen and conservationists, in which they discuss the importance of mussels in both human and ecological terms.