We make our bars from simple, natural ingredients, but sourcing ingredients that meet our standards is far from simple. We insist on working only with farmers who share our commitment to quality, social values  and the health of our planet. To start with, everything we use must be certified organic. Beyond that, we look for producers whose business practices have a positive impact on their workers and the environment. 

Meet our mango suppliers at Sol Simple

Our mangos are grown in Nicaragua by Sol Simple, a collective of suppliers, farmers and processors dedicated to social change and regenerative organics. Using time-tested regenerative organic methods, farmers work with the land to boost yield, save water, build the soil and help combat climate change. The freshly harvested mangos are then processed using clean solar energy. The Sol Simple collective also promotes gender equality and eases poverty throughout the entire community, by providing jobs, hands-on training and educational support. How do they do it?

Find out in this short video:

Behind the delicious mangos we use in our bars, there are people who care deeply about the fruit, the soil, and equity for farmers.



The baobab fruit we use provides local employment in African villages and saves ancient baobab trees from being cut down for timber. Simple, delicious food might be a bit more complicated, but for us, it’s well worth it. The way our food is grown can save water, save ecosystems, save communities—and even help save the planet.