Snacks + Toppings

Organic Fruit + Almond Bars

Fruit + Almond Bars are made only from organic fruit, nuts, seeds and juice. This careful sourcing helps us create a bar that’s not only delicious, but ideal fuel for any activity.

Buffalo Jerky

Made from free-roaming, grass-fed American bison, our jerky is packed with protein, shelf-stable, and comes in its own waterproof, re-sealable pouch for max convenience.


Our honey comes from a Pu’u O Hoku ranch, a certified organic biodynamic farm on the island of Moloka’i, in Hawaii. Its 14,000 pristine acres protect the bees from pesticides, making their honey exceptionally pure. In sourcing from this ranch, we’re supporting farming practices that can help pollinators everywhere.

Organic Savory Seeds

Crispy, crunchy, roasted organic whole seeds that explode with flavor. And the combo of lentils, buckwheat, hemp and other seeds provide a convenient source of plant-based protein, fiber and other essential nutrients.