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Soup Recipes

  • Patagonia Black Bean Dip

    A delicious and healthy recipe to share, created by our friends at Big Delicious Planet in Chicago.

  • Butternut Squash Tsampa Soup

    Embrace fall with a warm bowl of butternut squash soup.

  • Black Bean Southwest Pizza

    This delicious layered Black Bean Southwest Pizza is made with our Black Bean Soup and created by Chef Tracy On.

  • Lentil Falafel

    Try these savory green lentil falafels, created by Chef Tracy On.

  • Provisions Black Bean Burger

    For a tasty twist on our Black Bean Soup, serve these flavorful Black Bean Burgers created by Tracy On, Chef and Cafe Manager at Patagonia headquarters.

  • Southwest Black Bean Chili

    A Southwest Black Bean Chili recipe perfect for full flourish on the home table and full flavor on the trail.

  • Tsampa Soup Creativity

    With the hearty flavor of roasted organic whole grains and veggies, plus eight grams of protein, our Tsampa Soup makes a delicious, complete meal on its own.