Marquette Wild Arc

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Blackberry, black cherry, and plum round out this complex red wine, produced using regenerative viticultural practices in New York’s Hudson Valley. Best served chilled.

It’s part of our collection of artisanal fermented beverages made using restorative land practices and bottled with minimal intervention.

  • 750 ml bottle
  • Alcohol content 10.7% by volume
  • Product of USA
  • Best consumed between 2022 and 2038
  • Must be 21 or older to purchase
  • Purchasers must be a resident of, and ship to one of these states: AK, CA, CT, DC, FL, LA (wine & cider only), ND, NE, NH, NM, OR, VA, WV, WY
  • All sales are by Forest Ferments, LLC and subject to acceptance and approval by Forest Ferments.
  • Forest Ferments has producer’s permission to sell product direct to consumer.
  • Not for resale

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Why Natural Wine?

  • Thanks to low-intervention growing and processing techniques, these wines beautifully express the landscapes in which they’re grown—so each sip conveys the taste, aroma, and spirit of some of the best places on earth
  • Grapes are grown with regenerative practices that restore rather than deplete local ecosystems
    • No herbicides or pesticides: On some farms, sheep graze down the weeds; on others, waterfowl handle pest control and provide fertilizer
    • Native plants grow between rows to prevent erosion, draw down carbon and improve soil health
  • Fermentation, aging and bottling:
    • No filtration
    • Minimal or no added sulfites
    • No animal-based clarifying agents; our wine is vegan
    • Naturally occurring, indigenous yeasts—rather than lab-grown varieties—drive fermentation
  • Flavors are wild, intense, unconventional

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Product Details

  • Fermentable base: Marquette grapes
  • Produced and bottled in Pine Bush, NY, US

About the Producer

The Vineyard

  • Wild Arc is a small family farm in New York’s Hudson Valley
  • Established on an abandoned dairy farm
  • All grapes are grown using regenerative techniques that restore the land
  • Their vines thrive thanks to inter-row crops that include native grasses and wildflowers, which also provide critical habitat for pollinators
  • Flocks of ducks, chickens, and geese control pests while also fertilizing the vines

The Winemakers

  • Todd Cavallo and Crystal Cornish, founders of Wild Arc, see viticulture as a family affair; their young children play among the vines in summer and “help” during autumn’s harvest
  • Only responsibly sourced oak casks are used during aging
  • No filtration is used during processing
  • No sulfites are added at bottling

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A black lab walks between rows of vines at the Wild Arc vineyard in New York

Sourcing Our Natural Wines

The family dog patrols the vineyard as grapes—and native grasses—soak up the autumn sun. Hudson Valley, New York. Photo courtesy of Wild Arc Farm

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