Gonin Musume Sake Terada Honke

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Rich and bright, with notes of miso and mushrooms, this traditional Japanese sake is made from large-grained Miyama Nishiki and Kamenoo rice varieties using sacred spring water.

It’s part of our collection of artisanal fermented beverages made using restorative land practices and bottled with minimal intervention.

  • 720 ml bottle
  • Alcohol content 15% by volume
  • Product of Japan
  • Best consumed by end of 2040
  • Purchasers must be a resident of, and ship to one of these states: AK, CA, CT, DC, FL, ND, NE, NH, NM, OR, VA, WV, WY
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  • Forest Ferments has producer’s permission to sell product direct to consumer
  • Not for resale

    Pairing Ideas

    Why Natural Wine?

    • Thanks to low-intervention growing and processing techniques, this sake beautifully expresses the landscape in which it’s grown—so each sip conveys the taste, aroma, and spirit of a particular place on earth
    • Rice is grown with regenerative practices that restore rather than deplete local ecosystems
      • No herbicides or pesticides
    • Fermentation, aging and bottling:
      • No filtration
      • Minimal or no added sulfites
      • No animal-based clarifying agents
      • Naturally occurring, indigenous yeasts—rather than lab-grown varieties—drive fermentation
    • Flavors are wild, intense, unconventional

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    Product Details

    • Fermentable base: Miyama Nishiki and Kamenoo rice, koji (cultured rice), water
    • Produced and bottled in Chiba Prefecture, Japan
    • Imported by ZRS Wines, Brooklyn, NY
    • Distributed by Forest Ferments LLC, Ventura, CA

    About the Producer

    The Brewery

    • Terada Honke has been making renowned sake since 1673 along Japan’s Tone River
    • Only sacred spring water is used, drawn from the Kazaki Shrine
    • All rice is grown nearby, without pesticides
    • Ancient fermentation processes are still used today
    • Koji—a beneficial culture essential to sake making—is grown on-site in a charcoal-lined room
    • Only native yeasts contribute to fermentation; these yeasts have been thriving within the brewery for more than three centuries

    The Brewmaster (Toji)

    • Masaru Terada is the 24th-generation owner and brewmaster
    • He sees his role as guaranteeing the health of all the organisms involved in making sake, from microorganisms in the rice paddies to the koji and yeast to the workers who stir the liquid sake
    • Work is done by hand as much as possible, to preserve the ancient relationships between the organisms, microbial and human, that transform the rice
    • Traditional motosuri songs are sung to help bring the koji and yeast into rhythm with the human workers

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    A field of Kamenoo rice stalks, growing in a field in Japan

    Sourcing Our Natural Wines

    Indigenous Kamenoo rice stalks, heavy with the new harvest. Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Photo courtesy of Terada Honke

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