Long Root® IPA (retired) Patagonia Provisions

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Long Root® IPA (retired)

Patagonia Provisions

Our Long Root® IPA is not available for purchase online, but continues to be available in Asia, at Patagonia stores in Japan and select Japanese retailers.

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We partner with Hopworks Urban Brewery in Portland, OR, to make this traditional West coast IPA using Cascade and Chinook hops, Crystal 40 malt and regeneratively farmed Kernza® perennial grain. The result: A clean, crisp bitterness with malty backbone and notes of fresh tangerine and pine.

Long Root®️ Pale Ale, Long Root®️ Wit, and Long Root®️ IPA, all brewed with Kernza, will continue to be available in Asia, at Patagonia stores in Japan and select Japanese retailers.

  • ABV: 6.2%
  • BPA free
1% For the Planet member certification seal B corp certification seal Hopworks Urban Brewery certification seal The Land Institute certification seal

Nutrition + Ingredients


organic 2-row barley malt, organic caramel 40, Kernza® perennial grain, organic Fuggle hops, organic Palisade hops, organic Perle hops, organic Cascade hops, brewers’ yeast


  • Oregon Tilth

Product Details + Sourcing


  • Long Root® IPA is brewed at Hopworks Urban Brewery in Portland, OR.
  • To a base of Crystal 40 malt, Hopworks adds Cascade and Chinook hops for a bright, floral character as well as Kernza grain for a subtle spiciness.
  • The organic barley comes from Klamath Falls, Oregon, and the organic Perle and Fuggle hops are from local farms within 2 hours of the brewery.
  • The Kernza, a distant relative of wheat, is grown using organic practices in the American Midwest.
  • Kernza was developed by plant breeders at The Land Institute in Salina, Kansas. This revolutionary new crop could change the way we grow grains.
  • Most food crops are annuals and require tilling, which releases atmosphere-warming carbon. As a deeply rooted perennial, Kernza stays in place year-round, drawing carbon underground.
  • Kernza’s massive roots hold topsoil in place, preventing erosion. The roots also host trillions of beneficial microbes, which build soil health.
  • The Kernza for our pilsner is grown using organic practices in the American Midwest.
  • With our organic barley, hops, and regenerative Kernza grain (which we use for pasta, too), we’re supporting farming that restores the earth instead of depleting it.
  • Learn More about our Kernza Sourcing


  • Can is 100% aluminum, BPA-free and recyclable


  • Certified B®️ Corporation
  • 1% for the Planet®️
  • The Land Institute

Brand Information

Patagonia Provisions

A Different Kind of Food Business

Everything we make is created to help solve the environmental crisis. To restore our depleted oceans and soils, we use regenerative practices that are often based on pre-industrial ways of growing and harvesting. The bonus: delicious, nutritious wild and organic foods, free from pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and GMOs.

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