Two climbers sit to sip a Patagonia Provisions Kernza Pilsner at the end of the day

Why Beer?

Austin Siadak

Well, for starters, we’ve been known to enjoy a good brew from time to time.

But beyond that, finding ingredients for the foods we make has taught us a thing or two about farming. And beer, made from grain and hops, is an agricultural product, after all.

Trouble is, most of the world’s agriculture is dominated by industrial practices, and generates about a quarter of the world’s planet-warming greenhouse gases. We figure that guzzling beer made from industrial ingredients just adds to the problem. We’d rather drink good beer that helps solve it.

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That's why we've teamed up with our friends at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery to create a new line of beers made with ingredients that restore our planet.

Dogfish Head is known for innovative craft beers and supporting environmental protections. We both agree that the future of farming – not to mention human existence – will be a lot brighter if agriculture regenerates rather than depletes our natural resources. Our new pilsner, featuring  Kernza® perennial grain, is a taste of that future.

A person shucks shellfish at a picnic beside a can of Patagonia Provisions Kernza Pils on a cutting board

This crisp, refreshing German-style pilsner is made with organic barley; organic Contessa hops, the source of the beer’s bright floral notes; and the star ingredient, Kernza, which adds a subtle spiciness. Kernza, developed at The Land Institute in Salina, Kansas, is an ideal crop for regenerative agriculture. A cousin of wheat, the plant develops massive roots that stretch up to 12 feet underground, preventing precious topsoil from eroding. The roots also draw down carbon and store it in the earth, where it belongs.

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Drink Up to Draw Down – Coast to Coast!

Our partnership with Dogfish means that our beers are widely available for the first time. More beer means more acres of Kernza, more carbon drawn down and healthier soil. Ultimately, Kernza’s success will give more farmers solid reasons to switch from industrial to regenerative agriculture.
We’ll drink to that.

Patagonia Provisions
A photo of the outside of the Dogfish Head Brewery tasting room
Dogfish Head Craft Brewing
A wooden sign for the Land Institute in front of a field
The Land Institute
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Drink Up to Draw Down: A Kernza Beer Story

Long Root® Beers

Long Root®️ Pale Ale, Long Root®️ Wit, and Long Root®️ IPA, all brewed with Kernza, will continue to be available in Asia, at Patagonia stores in Japan and select Japanese retailers.