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Kimi Werner

Kimi Werner Patagonia Provisions Ambassador


Kimi Werner spent most of her life on, in or under the water. She lives and dives in Hawaii, but travels the world as a Patagonia Provisions ambassador, spreading ohana wherever she goes. As a freediver, she holds numerous spearfishing world records, and won the 2008 National Spearfishing Championship. In 2013, Kimi was inducted into the Hawaii Freediving Hall of Fame.

Kimi Werner spearfishing

Today, she combines her spearfishing skills with a lifelong love of good food and a deep concern for the health of our oceans. For Kimi, there is no greater joy than setting a table with sustainably harvested foods—fruit picked from a neighbor’s tree, fresh fish from the ocean—and enjoying the meal with a few happy friends. According to Kimi, “to live simply is to find true contentment.” And this is more than just a philosophy for Kimi. It’s something she embraces and strives to achieve every day.

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Watch Kimi's inspirational TEDxMaui talk:

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