"If we take bees out of the equation, our lives will change forever"

— Nicholas Butler, Good Time Bee Farm



There’s been a lot of buzz about bees lately. Colonies are collapsing and bee populations are plummeting. There’s no doubt about it:  bees are in trouble—and so are we. Bees are essential to our entire agricultural system, responsible for roughly one in every three bites of food we eat.

Most efforts to help the bees have been focused on restoring habitat and planting bee-friendly flowers. While this is important, we think it’s missing a critical piece of the puzzle. Improved habitat won’t help if the bees die from pesticides first.

Scientists studying the complex factors threatening bees, now conclude that a class of insecticides called Neonicotinoids is enemy #1. Neonicotinoids are highly toxic to honeybees and other pollinators and contribute to colony collapse around the globe.

It’s time to call for stricter regulations on these bee-killing pesticides. Patagonia Provisions has joined forces with EWG to demand the EPA restrict all nonessential uses of toxic neonic insecticides. Please sign and share our petition.

Together, we can save the bees before it’s too late. Protecting bees protects our food supply, and ultimately, ourselves.


Tell the EPA and the USDA: Protect honeybee populations!


Shop Products and Support the Movement

Patagonia Provisions is working hard to support the honeybees that work so hard to keep food on our tables. Many of our products, including our Breakfast Grains and Tsampa Soup, feature organic buckwheat. Not only does buckwheat attract bees and other pollinators with its nectar-laden, come-hither flowers, but it also thrives without the use of herbicides or insecticides—specifically, without any bee-killing neonic pesticides. All our products are 100% certified-organic—good for you, good for the planet, and good for the honeybees!