We built our Organic Fruit + Almond Bars around the idea that nature already has a leg up on all the high-tech, heavily processed energy bars on the market. The human body evolved to function most efficiently on simple, natural foods like fruit, seeds and nuts.

So, to fuel sustained activity, we made our bars out of just these ingredients. Chia seeds, an ancient whole-grain food renowned for its dense concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, antioxidants and calcium, give our bars a natural nutritional boost. Baobab fruit provides even more antioxidants and essential minerals, along with a delicious, slightly tart flavor.

Fortunately, our ingredients also happen to taste great together and provide ideal fuel to power everything from hard-core climbing to soccer games and play dates. Which is why we’re stoked to introduce—and eat—our simple, low-tech, Organic Fruit + Almond Bars.