The fact that samples of our Buffalo Jerky disappear faster than we can get them into the office is testament to their delicious, savory flavor and hearty texture. But we’re just as excited about the conservation role our partnership with Wild Idea Buffalo plays in the Great Plains. By supporting ranches raising free-roaming, grass-fed buffalo, we’re helping native grasses—and all the species that depend on them—recover. In other words, our Buffalo Jerky is food you can feel good about, in more ways than one.

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Buffalo fur tuft in prairie grass

"Instead of waiting for some miraculous, high-tech solution to bail us out of our climate-change disaster, the real miracle turns out to be simply working with nature instead of against it. Our grasslands, and the soil beneath them, might just save the world." - Yvon Chouinard 
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Prairie and buffalo on Wild Idea Buffalo ranch

Our Buffalo Jerky is made from grass-fed buffalo that roam the wide-open prairie on Dan and Jill O’Brien’s Cheyenne River Ranch and other affiliated Wild Idea Buffalo ranches.  
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Meaning of Buffalo

Buffalo herd on ranch

This is a continuing series of stories and essays by writers, biologists, ranchers and conservationists, in which they discuss the significance of buffalo in both human and ecological terms. 
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Humane Harvest

Buffalo herd in prairie grass

It is not possible for us to talk about eating meat without addressing the reality of harvesting animals.  
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