Humane Harvesting

Jon Levitt

I do not believe in killing animals for sport, but I do believe in harvesting them respectfully for food... Respect the animals, love the animals, give them room to roam, and dignity in death.

- Dan O’Brien, Founder & CEO Wild Idea Buffalo

It is not possible for us to talk about eating meat without addressing the reality of harvesting animals.  We believe in moving toward a more grain-based diet but we also believe as long as we include meat in our diets, there are better ways to raise and eat it. 

Take the buffalo at Wild Idea Buffalo: The harvesting process is one piece of a holistic system that prioritizes animal and planetary welfare at every step along the way. Wild Idea Buffalo's supplying farms have been certified by Animal Welfare Approved (AWA), and from the ability to roam free and eat the grass they were intended to eat, to receiving a dignified end in the field on the Plains -- far from the stress of the slaughterhouse -- the animals are treated with care and respect.

From birth and life on the Plain to an end on the Plain, responsible harvesting is a critical piece of responsible ranching.  That's how we see it.

Birgit Cameron

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