A young beachgoer looks out at the waves and snacks on Patagonia Provisions Organic Chile Mango

Healthy Organic Snacks:
Munchies You Can Feel Good About

Skai Suitt downs the last piece of Chile Mango before her brother Stone can nab it. ‘Ehukai Beach, North Shore, Oahu. Photo by Spencer Suitt

As we all know, there is no shame in snacking. But we’re not talking about the kind of overly salted, artificially flavored and processed foods you fish out of a vending machine. We mean healthy organic snacks made from responsibly grown and produced ingredients, with no GMOs, artificial colors or flavors.

Along with crunch and spice and sweetness, well-made organic snacks actually give you the pick-me-up you need—a steady flow of energy rather than a spike and a crash.

Here are some of our favorite healthy organic snacks, which we’ve turned to again and again for taming hunger at work, at home or the trail. They’re great for kids’ lunch boxes, too.

Two climbers hold a bag of Patagonia Provisions Organic Chile Mango, while giving a treat to a dog
Janelly Pineda and Steffen Jean-Pierre share snacks with a friend. At Arch Rock, Central Park, New York City. Photo by Andrew Burr

Dried Fruit Organic Snacks

Regenerative Organic Certified™ Chile Mango

Our sweet and spicy dried Chile Mango slices are exactly what you crave when you’re taking a break on a long hike or bike ride. Just three ingredients go into Chile Mango: ripe Rosa mangoes, lime, and mild, flavorful Aji Molido (our favorite ground red chile from Argentina). The mangoes are Regenerative Organic Certified™, the world’s highest standard for agriculture, which restores soil health while protecting workers and animals.

Sol Simple Organic Dried Pineapple

These chewy, tangy-sweet rings of tropical goodness are as easy to enjoy as an afternoon lounging on a beach. No added sugars or preservatives, just delicious organic pineapple dried by the sun. Sol Simple prides itself not just on great fruit, but on empowering workers from marginalized communities as well.

Sauk Farm Organic Honeycrisp Dried Apples

Each 2.6-ounce bag somehow contains five and a half organic dried apples from northern Washington. And that’s all—no preservatives, no sugar. We love snacking on these alongside a dollop of The Philosopher’s Stoneground Naked Creamy Sprouted Almond Butter.

Sol Simple Solar Dried Organic Bananas

Sustainability is built into every step of producing these tasty dried bananas. The trees themselves provide critical shade for coffee beans and are grown in ways that restore soil health. Then the fruit is harvested by smallholder farmers and dried with solar energy. We like to eat these strips of sun-grown goodness by the handful out of the bag, or mix them with dried pineapple for a tropical snackstravaganza.

A close shot of wooden pantry shelves crowded with Organic foods and snacks from Patagonia Provisions
It’s a good sign when your pantry makes your mouth water. Photo by Amy Kumler

Organic Snacks for the Pantry

Old Dog Ranch Organic Walnuts

Whaddya like—Sweet? Savory? Spicy? Old Dog Ranch has you covered with their meaty, organic Chandler walnuts in four varieties: Raw, Maple, Golden Herb and Smoked Paprika & Garlic. Good luck re-closing the bag if any of these babies are still left.

A young student in a pale Patagonia jacket packages organic lunch items from Patagonia Provisions in reusable tins and Bee's Wrap
Tallulah Sommer packs up a tasty, healthy lunch for school. Photo by Amy Kumler

Healthy Lunch Snacks for School

Lightly Smoked Venison Links and Buffalo Links

Snap up a bunch of these smoky, tangy little links made from wild Hawaiian venison or free- roaming American buffalo and you’ll boost your energy level for whatever comes next. The meat is not certified organic, but checks the organic boxes: Both the deer and the buffalo graze on wild grasses, herbs and flowers and are free of antibiotics and growth-promoting hormones.

Navitas Organics Chocolate Cacao Power Snacks

You know the feeling of opening your child’s lunchbox after school and seeing they haven’t touched your carefully packed food? That won’t happen with these cubes of power-packed goodness loaded with dark chocolate, cacao, dates, seeds and almond butter.

A swimmer, shoulder-deep in the ocean, nibbles on a piece of dried mango from a packet of Patagonia Provisions Organic Chile Mango

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A good snack goes with you anywhere. Photo by Sofia Aldinio