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Make-Ahead + No-Cook
Camping Meals

These greens are the tastiest treat in camp! Kale and Carrot Salad with Tsampa Vinaigrette. Photo by Amy Kumler

Sometimes the best bet for camp cooking is not cooking at all. No campfire, no propane, no pan with burned-on eggs. Just the sights and sounds of the great outdoors and the flavors of a delicious meal. Whether you’re up against a fire ban, don’t have a cooking setup in your camp, or are just looking to keep it simple, here are a few of our favorite make-ahead and no-cook camping meals for every time of the day.

A camper in t-shirt and beanie preps a meal on a picnic table in the woods
Michael A. Estrada digs into a fast salmon snack. Pantoll campground, Mt. Tamalpais, CA. Photo by Michael A. Estrada Collection

To Make There or Make Ahead?

We’ve broken these meals down into two types: make-there or make-ahead meals.

Make-there meals: Give you fresh flavors and even a bit of fun at the campsite. They still involve planning, though—you’ll be packing ingredients and some prep gear.

Make-ahead meals: This approach offers loads of convenience, but it’s no silver bullet. Most premade camping meals lack the staying power to endure hours (or days) of travel.

Then there’s the hybrid make-ahead + make-there option, which sometimes offers the best of both worlds. Prepare elements like dressings or sauces ahead of time, then make the rest of the meal in camp.

No-Cook Camp Breakfast Recipes

Wild Salmon Spread

Make-Ahead + Make There

An all-time favorite Provisions recipe that takes just a few minutes to put together at home. With a container of this rich salmon spread, tangy with lemon and green onions, you’re set to make swanky breakfast bagels, sandwiches (layer in sliced cucumber and red pepper) and cracker snacks. Stash in the cooler and it’ll last for at least 2 days if it stays cold.

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Camping Breakfast Burritos


Load up these fat burritos with black beans, fried potatoes and scrambled eggs, plus chopped cured meat (like our Venison Links). Then wrap ‘em tight in foil and stow in your cooler. They’ll be good for a couple of days. Don’t forget the hot sauce.

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No-Cook Camp Lunch Recipes

Smoked Mussel Po’ Boy

Make-Ahead + Make-There

Who would have expected a po’ boy sandwich to turn up at a no-cook campout? This one involves crispy fried onions, a baguette and smoky tinned mussels for a delicious no-cook version of the fried-seafood sandwich from Louisiana. Make the remoulade ahead of time and assemble the sandwich in camp to keep the crunch.

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Kale and Carrot Salad with Tsampa Vinaigrette


This salad hits your tastebuds with a wave of umami flavor, thanks to an inventive dressing developed by Japanese pro surfer Hiro Ohno. The recipe uses both our Organic Tsampa Soup Mix and our Organic Green Lentil Soup Mix—but without turning either into soup. It’s just nutty, crunchy savory goodness, blended in with sweet carrots and fresh kale.

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Pink Salmon Wrap

Make-There or Make Ahead

Fresh, fast and easy—you’re on a roll. These healthy and delicious wraps are fun to make in camp, or quick to prepare at home for a lunch on the road.

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No-Cook Camp Dinner Recipes

Smoked Salmon Ceviche



No camp stove, no problem. This creative take on ceviche brings the heat. It also brings umami, tart lime, sweetness from mango, and the crispy crunch of chips and cucumber. Guaranteed to please the whole camp.

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Chimi Crab Guacamole



This substantial restaurant-grade dip makes a great side to whatever else you’re serving and is guaranteed to wow your fellow campers. Modify the recipe with canned crab (or smoked salmon!) for the campsite—and pack the cilantro in a cooler to keep it fresh.

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Soba Noodles with Wild Salmon

Make-Ahead + Make-There


When it’s too hot to cook in camp, try some cold, refreshing soba noodles, a summertime classic in Japan. At home, boil the noodles and make the fresh, gingery dipping sauce. In camp, bring it all together with smoked sockeye salmon, crunchy snap peas and a sprinkle of sesame seeds and red chile.

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More Camp Cooking

Camilo Boyd helps fire up breakfast on the shore of Rangerly Lake, Maine. Photo by Sofia Aldinio