A group of campers spread out on hard packed dirt with snacks, water bottles, and gear

Healthy, Easy Camping Snacks

Snackin' and sprawlin', Day 3. Valley of the Gods to Clay Hills, UT. Photo by Andrew Burr

Heading out? Don’t forget the snacks.

But we’re talking more than just marshmallows and a bag of chips from the nearest gas station. With a little bit of prep, you can satisfy the whole squad with these easy camping snacks—all tasty, healthy, organic and responsibly sourced. Let’s get packing!

Camping Snacks for Kids

It’s not a camping trip until there’s a kid smeared in peanut butter and dirt! While the snacks on this list can be enjoyed by campers of all ages, we recommend you have a couple extra tricks up your sleeve for the kiddos. Crisp, fresh fruits and veggies like apples, celery and carrots go a long way when combined with nut butter. Dried mango, bananas and pineapple are tasty, naturally sweet treats (more on that below). Yogurt, granola, almond milk—arm yourself with whatever you need to keep the ankle-biters happy. You might have to pack a cooler, but anything is cooler than a meltdown.

Tinned Fish

You heard it here first, folks. Tinned fish is a dynamite camping snack. If you haven’t munched mussels on a mountaintop or slurped sardines by the sea, you’re missing out! Canned seafood is an exceptional source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, and it’s drop-it-off-a-cliff portable. Just make sure you follow best practices for stowing your empty cans, especially in bear country.

Smaller fish are typically more ocean-friendly choices, because they live lower on the food chain and tend to be more abundant. Eating them eases pressure on larger, overfished species. The only watchword? Sourcing. Stick to tinned fish from responsible fisheries. We can vouch for our wild Spanish White Anchovies, line-caught wild Atlantic Mackerel and our Mussels, humble bivalves that actively restore the ocean.

Campsite Dips

What’s a chip or a cracker without a good dip? Fortunately, there are plenty of satisfying dips that don’t require refrigeration, and many more that you can quickly whip up on a picnic table.

Make quick-and-dirty guacamole with a couple of ripe avocados mashed into canned salsa—plus salt, lime and Organic Aji Molido seasoning to taste. Cook up some of our Organic Black Bean Soup to make a Spicy Black Bean Dip that’ll stick to your ribs.

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