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Healthy, Easy Camping Breakfast Ideas

Better than any restaurant breakfast: Lars Schneider fires up his first meal of the day near Zion National Park. Photo by Lars Schneider

Sure, you could rip open the white-flour pancake mix and make batches of syrup-soaked flapjacks for everyone in camp. They’re fast, easy and familiar—but they burn fast when you’re on the trail. Why not make something equally delicious that does your body a favor? The following camping breakfast ideas will steadily fuel hours of adventures instead of leaving you bonking on empty.

Breakfast Grains Pancakes

20 mins

These crisp-edged, hearty beauties are made with our Organic Breakfast Grains, a 100% whole-grain blend of buckwheat, barley and oats—no artificial ingredients or added sugars. With nutrition this solid, even pouring on some honey or maple syrup won’t crater you later.

Tip: Mix the dry ingredients ahead of time, at home, for fast pancakes in camp.

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Camping Breakfast Burritos

15 mins

We load these make-ahead camping breakfast burritos with spicy scrambled eggs, “refried” black beans, crispy potatoes, tomato salsa and hunks of sausage (our Lightly Smoked Venison Links are outstanding here).

Tip: Make the burritos ahead, then toast them in a skillet for a few minutes in camp.

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Overnight Breakfast Grains

10 mins

One of our favorite breakfast ideas for camping, these creamy, silky grains take just minutes to mix up the night before. Although they taste decadent, they’re packed with good-for-you yogurt, 100% whole grains, fruits and nuts.

Tip: Overnight Breakfast Grains are a great use for empty nut-butter jars.

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Avocado Toast with Salmon and Turmeric Eggs

10 mins

Your microbiome will thank you (and so will your tastebuds) as you devour this king of all avocado toasts, crowned with wild salmon and a turmeric-fried egg. It’s a restaurant-style dish that’s easy enough for camping.

Tip: Use tongs to toast your bread over an open flame while the egg sizzles.

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Breakfast Grains with Berries, Toasted Walnuts and Fresh Raspberry Syrup

10 mins

Simple and fast, this organic, creamy whole-grain hot cereal is drenched in fresh raspberry flavor, balanced by rich toasted nuts.

Tip: Make the syrup and toast the nuts at home ahead of time—it’s totally worth it.

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Kimi Werner’s Wild Salmon Omelet

20 mins

Champion spearfisher and freediver Kimi Werner gave us this spectacular omelet recipe years ago, using our lightly smoked Wild Salmon and seasonal vegetables. Watching it all come together in the sizzling pan makes good morning entertainment.

Tip: Prep the cheese and vegetables ahead, at home.

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Two campers stand in the trees eating and flipping pancakes for breakfast
TJ goes for the double flip. Photo by Cliford Mervil

Camping Breakfasts and Beyond

We don’t just stop at these camp breakfast ideas! Check out our camp lunches, snacks and dinners—all created to deliver maximum flavor and nutrition using responsibly sourced ingredients.